Couple seriously injured after falling from medieval wall featured in Game of Thrones

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, an Australian couple—a 26-year-old woman an 34-year-old man—were visiting the Croatian city of Dubrovnik when they paused atop a medieval wall featured in Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, the woman leaned against the man, according to witnesses, and they both fell off the wall to the ground ten meters below. The woman is in critical condition while the man suffered a broken leg.

"Andrijana Biskup, a spokeswoman for Dubrovnik-Neretva police, told local news station Dubrovacka Televizija that the couple had been cuddling or kissing when the fall occurred and that alcohol may have played a part in the accident," according to the The Sydney Morning Herald.

The tourist spot, a medieval area called Pile, became a very popular destination after Game of Thrones aired.