Man tests positive on pregnancy test… but it wasn't that

In the country of Jordan, a 42-year-old man was suffering severe abdominal pain. Test results revealed that the man had high levels of specific hormones indicating that he was, um, pregnant.

According to Dr. Hussam Abu Farsakh, that "came as a complete surprise to the entire clinic." I'd imagine so.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Unsatisfied with the inexplicable result, Farsakh referred the patient for additional tests, ultimately revealing that the man was secreting pregnancy hormones due to a tumor that had metastasized to the liver[…]

Farsakh further explained, "Following an abdominal CT scan, we obtained multiple tumor samples. Microscopic examination revealed the tumor was secreting pregnancy hormones, leading to the positive pregnancy test."

The physician uploaded video of the biopsy to Facebook, as one does.