Scarlet Speedster gets redemption in new audio drama series, Flash fans rejoice

The Flash is having a rough go of things at the box office, and it's pretty depressing. If you're a lifelong comic book fan, watching The Flash receive a terrible inaugural outing for his first feature film adaptation is heartbreaking. However, the writing was on the wall when it was announced that the first ever Flash movie would focus on the events of Flashpoint

That's right, folks. DC didn't want to make a Flash feature that centered on one of his great rogues or, at the very least, a solo adventure that would endear the character to audiences. Nope, the big brass at DC decided that The Flash should only be a means to an end to ret-con the vomit-inducing Snyder-Verse. 

Long story short, the character deserves a lot better, and hopefully, the new series of audio dramas based on the Scarlet Speedster will do The Flash justice. 

As DC Studios' The Flash continues its theatrical release, Warner Bros. has unveiled its latest project starring the Scarlet Speedster. Monday, the studio announced The Flash: Escape the Midnight Circus, a scripted audio drama starring Max Greenfield (New Girl) in the title role. Set to be a six-part podcast with episodes ranging from 12-minutes to just over 20, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment describes the podcast as a "companion piece" to the film currently in theaters, though it's unclear if that means it's in the same canon of the film or not.

The first two parts of the podcast will be released on Monday, July 10th exclusively on Apple Podcasts, with the remaining episodes dropping weekly on each subsequent Monday. The studios says the first four episodes will be exclusive to Apple Podcasts "for a limited time" before branching out to other podcast providers.