Door ding results in total loss: a Fisker Ocean story

Buying an EV from a new start-up automaker can lead to a lot of trouble. The Fisker Ocean receives terrible reviews, and this purchaser's experience really puts a bow on it.

Warner truly believed in Fisker. She opted to purchase the Ocean, her second electric vehicle, outright. However, her excitement soured almost immediately. "It was an emotional roller coaster," she told Carscoops. "One day it would run fine, and the next, a new warning light would blink or ding. It was so frustrating to pay that much money for a car only to get annoyed every time you used it," she shared.

The damage adjuster initially estimated that it would cost $910 to fix, but he also admitted that, in reality, it would be much higher as he was unfamiliar with the vehicle. He had no idea how right he would end up being.

Those two damaged components proved insurmountable due to a lack of available parts, according to Wanner. She also notes that Fisker itself hasn't been really helpful during this process. "[I] Still haven't even received a title from Fisker. Getting any answers or help from them is impossible," she says.

"We lost over $20,000 investing in this startup EV and I cannot say goodbye fast enough," Joe told a group of Fisker Ocean fans on Facebook. "The delivery delays, mismanagement of paperwork, reporting issues, and getting case numbers that disappear into thin air, the mysterious warning lights and maddening warning sounds, being trapped inside the vehicle, an unreliable outdated navigation system, one cheaply made barely operational key fob… This vehicle fell very, very short of our expectations and well below my high standards. I hope Henrik Fisker loses every dime he has and I wish the rest of you the best of luck."


Brownlee isn't the only reviewer panning the Fisker Ocean. YouTube is full of them. I had a friend who bought a Fisker Karma and returned it immediately.