Soon-to-be-found-dead "missing" Russian General purportedly just fine

General Sergei Surovikin, "the Butcher of Syria," is just fine and not missing at all, says the daughter of this Russian General no one has seen since he was implicated in the Wagner revolt. The evil General is working from his office, she says. When one comes for the king, it is essential to land their shot, and these guys just made Putin look bad. For a moment, it looked like Putin had the second-strongest military force in Russia.

One assumes this is a basement, windowless office wherein General Surovikin will drink no coffee. Neither rapid deceleration illness nor polonium is out of the question here.

The Daily Beast:

"Nothing happened to him, no one arrested him, and he's in his office," Veronika Surovikina was quoted as telling the Baza Telegram channel, known for its contacts in the Russian security services.

The Financial Times cited several sources earlier Thursday who said General Sergei Surovikin had been detained, though it wasn't clear if he was facing any charges or just being questioned. The independent Russian outlet iStories, meanwhile, cited sources who said Surovikin had been detained for questioning but has since been released.

Questions over his whereabouts and current standing with the Kremlin have run rampant in recent days as the fallout over Prigozhin's armed uprising is expected to lead to a crackdown on any members of the security services who supported him. An arrest would signal that the mercenary boss' so-called justice march was not simply a rogue rebellion but a sign of deeper rifts among the Russian elite.

Has he made any public appearances yet? Must be busy writing apologies.