Report finds cricket in Britain a cesspool of sexist, racist and elitist discrimination

An official report in the UK has found that cricket there suffers from widespread discrimination. Though the sport has been successfully exported to former colonies, the domestic game is exactly what you'd think a class-bound shire leisure pursuit would be: a sewer of sexism, racism and classist exclusion. It's not veiled or sublimated in the slightest: if you're a woman in the sport, sexual harassment is to be expected. If you're not white, you will be subjected to racial abuse. "The stories were absolutely horrific and it goes to show that the culture in cricket is rotten."

An obscene joke about a Muslim cricketer's prayer mat and "predatory behaviour" towards women were some of the "absolutely horrific" stories revealed in a damning report into discrimination in cricket. The long-awaited Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) report was published on Tuesday and said racism, sexism, classism and elitism were "widespread" in the English and Welsh game. Chair Cindy Butts said stories told to the commission showed the sport's culture was "rotten".

It's like a report into the Mafia finding that it's a bunch of crooks, but hey, at least someone did the legwork. Howzat!