Three camp counselors fight off bobcat attack in Connecticut

Camp counselors leading a group of youth campers on a wilderness excursion had to fight off a bobcat attack on Selden Neck Island in Connecticut on Friday. The New York Times writes that three adults were hospitalized and the animal was killed.

One of the counselors was asleep in a hammock on Selden Neck Island early on Friday morning when the animal attacked him, the state's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said in a statement.

"The man, and two additional adults, subsequently killed the bobcat," the department said. It was unclear how.

… All three adults were taken to a hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Details about their injuries and conditions were not immediately available.

Officials believe that none of the nine youth campers had contact with the bobcat.

Speaking of the three counselors, Michael Williams, the deputy commissioner of operations for Connecticut, said in a statement, "Due to their courageous and outstanding efforts, the safety of the youth was maintained, and they were not harmed."

The bobcat body is being tested for rabies.