Is AI better for telemarketing or for infuriating telemarketers?

Check out The Jolly Roger Telephone, an AI bot designed to engage, detain and annoy telemarketers.

The company has a number of bots at its disposal all with unique voices and quirks that makes them utterly infuriating to speak to from the original Jolly Roger, based on the voice of Californian founder Roger Anderson, to distracted mother Salty Sally, who keeps wanting to talk about a talent show she won, to feisty senior citizen Whitey Whitebeard and more. Samples of toe-curling conversations are all over Jolly Roger's website.

"Oh jeez, hang on, there's a bee on me, hang on," Jolly Roger tells one scammer. "There's a bee on my arm. OK, you know what? You keep talking, I'm not gonna talk, though. You keep talking, say that part again, and I'm just gonna stay quiet because of the bee."

I can't help but think the telemarketers are just as likely to be AIs, though. "Let them fight," you might say, but it's all out there eating our bandwidth, burning our carbon and wasting someone's time. Maybe the telemarketers can have their own response bots which tell their telemarketing bots working bank numbers and create the ultimate fraud ourobouros.