Magical animation made from 36 quilts

This 3 second animation is constructed from 36 handmade quilts. It took 5 years of planning and sewing to make this magic happen. 

The mastermind behind this creation and many other great quilts is textile artist @gregoryclimer. I love the pixelated look to his work. It's fun to zoom in and see the color and pattern of each individual piece of his quilts.

This is the first time I've ever seen an animation made from quilts. I can't imagine the time and patience it would take to create such a thing.

From Instagram:

"beautiful, meticulous, kinda insane! 36 quilts… 3 seconds of very sweet video ❤️ work by @gregoryclimer 

"For several years I worked on this crazy project, filming my friends Nathan and Bryan, then translating each frame of that film into a quilt. The quilts are 36×48 inches. There are 36 of them. And it's the cutest/sweetest/most ridiculous thing I've ever made. Enjoy!"