PicoZX: a portable ZX Spectrum even less pleasant to type on than the original

The ZX Spectrum was an inexpensive and wildly-successful British home computer released in 1982. Though only a third of the price of a Commodore 64, it had half the colors, 3/4 the RAM and all the fun. There were compromises, though, such as the exceptionally unpleasant molded-rubber keyboard. Of the many modern reincarnations of the machine I've seen (the ZX Spectrum Next being the most successful) I think my favorite is the the PicoZX, a portable model that includes a tiny color display, joypad controls, and a keyboard that honors the original. Build around a Raspberry Pi PICO, it was crafted by Peter "Bobricius" Misenko and has VGA output for those of us who don't want our eyes to go the way of our fingers.

Bobricius has a Patreon for you to donate to.

Plenty of space for more action on the ZX Spectrum scene. I'd like to see "ZX Spectrum with 100-inch OLED display and deadstock buckling spring keyswitches" now. Finest wines available to humanity, etc.