Patriotic AF Fourth of July drone show scores world record

Sky Elements Drone Shows was behind a patriotic Fourth of July spectacle that got them a new world record. A total of 1,002 drones, each with programmed LED lights, took to the air, earning them the Guinness World Record title for the largest aerial sentence formed by multirotor/drones.

The record-breaking extravaganza mixed fireworks and music with drone depictions of American figures like Paul Revere and Neil Armstrong, and so much more. Was it over the top? Absolutely! But, in my opinion, its grandiosity is part of the charm.

Sky Elements:

The centerpiece show of Sky Elements' Fourth of July weekend allowed the company to break its own record by producing 40 shows over the holiday weekend using more than 10,000 drones.

The 10-minute record drone show surpassed all expectations and dazzled the audience, becoming the largest drone light show ever flown in Texas. The aerial ballet of drones showcased intricate formations of critical moments in American history and brought a sense of wonder and awe to audiences of all ages.