Animation plays with the explosively bright colors of a risograph machine

In this animation by @juliakatarzyna_, the explosively bright colors of the risograph machine flicker and morph through psychedelic patterns and formations. Her work is completely mesmerizing to watch. 

I found this one to be particularly trippy. Flip through the slides to see the individual images used in the animation. I love the way It's beautiful as both a print and a video.

It seems addicting to play around with a Riso machine. The day-glo color palette it creates is unparalleled. 

From Instagram:

"Ever growing in popularity the Riso machine is like a copy machine, but it creates an internal stencil of the image to be duplicated. Printing with one color has similar results to a photocopier or specifically a mimeograph; which was very popular with quiz huffing Gen x kids in the 80s (ask them and get a weird look on their face).

But, when more than one color is copied, interesting effects can occur. Off-registration printing combined with strangely bright color palettes will create unexpected surprises and colors. 

Risograph prints have become popular of late as limited edition artist prints, although their soy based inks which are sensitive to sunlight and long drying time make them problematic for archiving.

This animation by Julia Schimautz @juliakatarzyna_ explores the brilliant colors of the Riso in an interesting and inventive way. 


70 frames riso printed in yellow, fluo pink and blue."

(screenshot from video)