French gamer gets sentenced to three years of community service for swatting

'Swatting' – or calling the police to the home of someone you don't like under false pretenses – is one of those crimes that could only exist in the digital age. Even if it doesn't turn deadly (which it has on several occasions) it's still intensely traumatizing for the victim, not to mention a real dick move. Often, people who engage in it get away scot-free, as the false calls aren't investigated with any real rigor – which makes it so gratifying to see a Parisian man named Yanni Ouahioune recently get slapped with three years of community service.

Rather than a private residence, Ouahioune swatted the Montreal offices of gaming giant Ubisoft out of frustration for being banned from their popular online shooter Rainbow Six Siege for cheating. In addition, he'll be required to compensate the victims and undergo court-ordered counseling.

It's a good outcome of a shitty situation, but it's all too rare – as long as VPNs still exist, it seems swatting will too.