Enjoy a huge ninja sword popsicle and, um, throwing star toast at this entertainment cafe

Ninja Cafe Takayama claims that their edible sword is "Japan's longest ice cream." The Gifu Prefecture, Japan entertainment cafe offers ninja training and, um, toast shaped like throwing stars.

Real ninjas will be disappointed though as the ice cream ninja swords as these are 40 centimeters long—30 centimeters shorter than an actual samurai sword. Also, the ice cream sword is not double-edged.

According to Japan Today, "In true ninja fashion, the Ninja Cafe is keeping hush-hush on the ingredients, but if it's anything like the samurai sword ice cream we tried in 2019, the hard ice cream is likely crafted with kuzu, a traditional starch extracted from the roots of the kuzu plant which is often used in confectionery as a jelling agent."

image: ninja-takayama.com