The Japanese factory that uses 40-year-old software to design its traditional textiles

This is fascinating. Miyata Textile Co. is a Japanese company that's been making fabric for a hundred years, and since the 1980s they've been using the same software. They use this four-decades-old software, complete with magnetic tape, to help create fantastic items like the Hanten, which is a traditional winter jacket that people have been wearing since the Edo period in Japan.

The software uses punch cards, which are kind of like the 1980s version of a USB stick. These cards store information about different weaving patterns. The software takes the details from the punch cards and visualizes the design, from each individual thread to the whole piece of fabric.

One commenter has a good point though, "…if I was the owner I'd be terrified of losing that software and computer. Magnetic tape isn't durable and while the computer can be maintained, 40 years is still old. They should try virtualizing the MZ-80 in an emulator and have it communicate to the outside world of it's serial ports so it can live forever."

(Hacker News)