11-year-old superfan of yacht rocker Michael McDonald gets a heartwarming surprise

"He sounds like an angel, somehow" is how Paisley Gardner, a tween from Des Moines, Iowa, describes yacht rock legend Michael McDonald in a recent CBS Sunday Morning interview. Her parents, Tony and Jessica, were confused by their 11-year-old's adoration for the Doobie Brothers founding member, especially since she had never seen what he looks like.

"So one day, she Googled a picture of Michael McDonald, and she came running up the stairs and flailed herself on the bed and was like, 'nooo!'" Jessica Gardner said.

Her pop star turned out to be a 71-year-old grandpop.

"I just had to deal with it, but it's ok," Paisley said.

The story doesn't end there though. First, Paisley's parents took her to see him perform live in a Doobie Brothers concert where she got a nod from him. Later, CBS News facilitated a surprise Zoom call between Paisley and McDonald and, well, just watch.