The mystery mustelids of Horsham, England

The Argus reports that a family of black mustelids were seen "walking along the high street" in Horsham, England, where nothing ever happens. "The mustelids emerged from the drain and crossed the main road," writes Ellie Crabbe.

The sighting sparked confusion as residents were unsure whether they were pet black ferrets or a family of wild mink, both from the mammal group called mustelids – which also includes animals like stoats and weasels.

Writing on Facebook, Michelle Henderson said: "I believe in the seventies there was Whites Bridge mink farm in Sedgewick Lane. A group of animal rights activists went in and set a load free. They have been in Horsham ever since."

Mink are are an invasive predatory species and authorities say they must be "humanely dispatched."

"Mink are voracious predators and highly damaging to our native wildlife, particularly water vole and kingfisher, as mink can squeeze into their riverside burrows leaving them with no means of escape.

Good luck, mystery mustelids which are probably just ferrets!