Bill Hader says his ending to "Barry" was "embarrassing" and a "massive mistake" and had to be changed and re-shot

In case it's not obvious from the headline, the following contains SPOILERS about the ending of the HBO series Barry.

In a fascinating "Making a Scene" video for Variety, star/director/writer Bill Hader explains that they filmed a moment in the Barry finale that even the actors in the scene thought didn't make sense. After the shoot was over and being edited, Hader realized the mistake and had that moment re-shot.

After the final shootout, with NoHo Hank shot and dying at the foot of the statue of his former lover Cristobal, he originally tried to reach for the statue's hand but couldn't, and Sally took his hand and helped him.

The actress who played Sally, Sarah Goldberg, asked while they were preparing the scene, "Why am I here?" Sally and NoHo Hank had no relationship other than the fact that Hank had held her and her son hostage. The editors asked, "Why would she do that?"

After the shoot, Hader tried to think of an answer to why he wanted that in the scene, and didn't like what he came up with.

"I realized later the answers were: [One,] fan service. You know, I got insecure and I was like, 'The fans will love this'; Two, I was insecure and, enough people have told me, 'Wow, the show's so bleak, the show has gotten so bleak,' that I was like, 'Oh, it should have a nice hopeful moment.'"

When Hader told the actor who played Hank, Anthony Carrigan, that they were going to go back and re-shoot the scene, Carrigan said, "Oh, thank God."