Chromatophores are the tiny blinking colored cells on this squid's skin

Chromatophores are tiny color-changing cells in cephalopods. Watch them blink back and forth from purple to white on this squid's skin in an Instagram video taken by Drew Chicone, embedded below.

It's completely hypnotic to watch these tiny cells flash with color. It's as if the squid has a little sky full of twinkling stars on its skin. This has to be one of the coolest looking sea creatures I've seen.

From Instagram

"Just beneath the surface of this squid's skin are thousands of color-changing cells called chromatophores.

Here's more on where this video came from: In the middle of a dock near an osprey nest, Drew @drchicone found this little squid. It was most likely dropped there by a bird. He shared with us that he immediately grabbed a bucket of water and submerged the squid. After that, it began this impressive color changing display of its chromatophores, which are skin cells in cephalopods that allow them to change color, which Drew was able to capture in this quick video. The squid was returned to the ocean afterwards.

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