Florida sinkhole that swallowed a sleeping man in 2013 has reopened to feed again

Fox 13 news out of Tampa reports that a sinkhole there that swallowed a man while he slept has "re-opened." Officials are advising nearby locals that it is safe to remain in their homes, but locals are not so sure.

John-Paul Lavandeira with Hillsborough County code enforcement says engineers will be on-site Tuesday to assess the sinkhole, which he estimates to be about 12 feet by 12 feet. In March 2013, the sinkhole opened underneath a home on Faithway Drive, swallowing Jeffrey Bush, who was asleep in his bedroom. His brother, Jeremy Bush, tried desperately to save him but was unable to. Crews never recovered the body.

The original story is terrifying.

It appears that the sinkhole reopened years ago, which was reported at the time, but panic is setting in now perhaps because it's close to the 10-year-anniversary. Any missing dogs? Giant chomping maw noises at night?