Hair salon refuses service to transgender and queer patrons, suggests they go to "pet groomer" instead

""If a human identifies as anything other than a man/woman please seek services at a local pet groomer. You are not welcome at this salon. Period. Should you request to have a particular pronoun used please note we may simply refer to you as 'hey you.'"

This garbage comes from a now-deleted Facebook post made by Studio 8 Hair Lab in Traverse City, Michigan. We have the US Supreme Court to thank for encouraging this idiocy.

From Detroit Free Press:

…On June 30, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with a Denver web designer who refused to create websites for same-sex weddings, citing that it violates her religious beliefs and First Amendment rights. The court's findings in the Colorado case have significant implications for when businesses can refuse service to customers.

Further backing its stance, Studio 8 Hair Lab's Instagram biography now says: "A private CONSERVATIVE business that does not cater to woke ideologies." The business' Instagram and Facebook accounts are currently set to private.

"I have no issues with LGB," Studio 8 owner Christine Geiger commented on Facebook. "It's the TQ+ that I'm not going to support."

(Thanks, Bob Pescovitz!)