Heat dome will bake millions in South and Southwest U.S., setting dangerous records

The U.S. has seen a month of tumultuous weather, with the Northeast grappling with a deadly storm and flooding. Now, the South and Southwest U.S. are due for a scorching heat wave that will affect millions and break temperature records, reports The Wall Street Journal (paywall).

An ominous "heat dome" hovering over Arizona, Nevada, and Central and Southern California, is pushing mercury levels to new heights, with Death Valley, California, due to reach a staggering 123 degrees Fahrenheit.

"The heat will be extremely dangerous and potentially deadly," the National Weather Service told the Journal. This extreme weather event could last up to two weeks. The World Meteorological Organization warns such severe heat could soon be the new normal, particularly as Earth had its hottest week on record last week, and the hottest June ever recorded/

This sweltering spell is set to linger until July 21, with southern Texas bracing for temperatures as hot as 118 degrees.