ReddyIce honors Kari Lake supporters with divisive tweet

[UPDATE 9/9/23 9:10pm PT: ReddyIce deleted the tweet. See screenshot.]

ReddyIce, the largest packaged ice Qube manufacturer in America, tweeted a photo of a man wearing a Kari Lake hat and shirt pushing a grocery cart loaded with Reddy Ice. The caption read, "Rolling into the weekend." Because nothing says weekend fun like sore-loser election deniers!

As one Twitter commenter said, "Undermining democracy is thirsty work."

I think ReddyIce should hire Lake as a spokesperson. She could tweet things like:

  • "Our ice is so cold, we've had people come up to us in tears saying, 'Kari, your ice is the coldest they've ever felt.'"
  • "Other ice companies are using illegal immigrants to rig purity tests and make our ice look less transparent."
  • "Our proprietary freezing technology gives this ice medicinal properties – ice from our bags provides instant healing and immunity from any disease. Tremendous!"
  • "Our ice has done more to reduce global warming than the Paris Climate Accord hoax." 
  • "We reject the socialist laws of thermodynamics. Our cubes can last for hours under the hot sun thanks to our top secret refrigeration. People say they've never seen anything like it."