Giant egg sculptures you can visit

Here's an awesome Atlas Obscura list of where you can hang out with giant eggs. Standing next to these larger-than-life sculptures will make you feel like a wee baby chick.

If you want to visit the world's most luxurious egg, you can step inside this golden one and take a sauna in Stockholm, Sweden. I love the way it reflects the surrounding snowy landscape.

What better roof is there to be covered in giant eggs than the roof of the Salvador Dalí Museum and Theatre? I imagine that there's something a bit more otherworldly than baby chicks in these eggs.

Another surreal egg experience is located at the Riverside Roundabout in Los Angeles, California. These 9 eggs are cut in half, and contain carvings of the faces of Los Angeles locals.

I love seeing the different approach that each location takes to their giant egg(s). I can't think of a shape that makes me happier than the shape of an egg.