MAGA lunatic who violently attacked Capitol police gets sentenced to 7 years in prison

Kyle Fitzsimons, a butcher from Maine who wore a white smock with a "Kyle" label as he physically assaulted police during the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the U.S. Capitol, was sentenced to seven years in prison yesterday. The judge found Fitzsimons guilty on 11 counts, "including seven felonies such as obstruction of an official proceeding, using a dangerous or deadly weapon on officers and inflicting bodily injury on officers," reports The Washington Post.

Prosectors had asked for 15 years, arguing that the Fitzsimons' extremely violent attacks against police officers that day destroyed the career and physical well-being of at least one officer.

As reported in The Washington Post:

[Fitzsimons] twice charged into the phalanx of officers protecting the upper West Terrace tunnel on the afternoon of Jan. 6, at one point grabbing the shield strap and wrenching the shoulder of Capitol Police Sgt. Aquilino Gonell. The officer testified that the pain was so bad he considered using his gun to shoot Fitzsimons before he was freed. He suffered a partially torn rotator cuff and labrum, and wasforced to take a medical retirement.

Video also captured Fitzsimons hurling his bow like a spear into the crowd of officers, striking one in the head, and also being involved in a tussle with D.C. Police Sgt. Phuson Nguyen, during which the officer's gas mask was dislodged and another rioter then poured chemical spray into Nguyen's face before the mask snapped shut. Nguyen testified that he got knocked down at the same time, and "I thought that was it for me. I thought that's where I'm going to die."

As Trump cultist Rep, Andrew Clyde would say, Fitzsimons is just another "normal tourist."