These vintage photographs all contain an empty space where a person used to be

These vintage photos all have one thing in common: someone has been cut or scribbled out of the frame for reasons unknown. Whether the person's face was removed to be kept in a locket or out of spite, they are now erased from the picture forever. 

In the days before you could easily crop someone out of a digital photo, grabbing a pair of scissors and snipping out someone from a photo for one reason or another wasn't uncommon

Looking back at vintage photos of strangers who have been scribbled snipped out feels eerie, like looking at a ghost. The silhouette where they once stood is impossible to ignore, and makes you wonder what the backstory is.

Some of these flat out belong in a horror movie, especially #9. I wonder why someone decided to scribble over their faces? The way the two women are standing in their similar dresses reminds me of the creepy twins from The Shining.

From instagram:

"By marking out the face or cutting out the image it was a method to erase that person forever in one's life. Unfortunately, people who see these images decades later, have no idea who the marked person was and why this was done. People or family members are left guessing why. Check out more on the link in our bio!"