VP Harris channels all of our outrage as the Florida Board of Education lies about slavery

Vice-President Kamala Harris is in Jacksonville, Florida, today to condemn a racist set of lies put forward as "standards" by the state Board of Education. During black history month, Florida's new rules for instruction include teaching middle schoolers that slaves were getting a lot out of slavery, and sharing the blame with black people for race riots wherein they were murdered.

Trying to justify slavery at all, regardless of these ridiculous ideas shows how desperate and stupid these people are. Why are people so emotionally tied to justifying the horrifying actions of people long dead, rather than moving forward and looking to something positive?

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Harris will be the first Biden administration official in the state since the rules were approved and will discuss the "fight to protect fundamental freedoms, specifically, the freedom to learn and teach America's full and true history," the official said. On Wednesday, the Florida Board of Education approved a new set of standards for how Black history should be taught in the state's public schools, sparking criticism from education and civil rights advocates who said students should be allowed to learn the "full truth" of American history. The curriculum was approved at the board's meeting in Orlando.

It is the latest development in the state's ongoing debate over African American history, including the education department's rejection of a preliminary pilot version of an Advanced Placement African American Studies course for high school students, which it claimed lacked educational value.

The White House has spoken out forcefully against book bans and other steps to remove elements of American history from school curricula, and the issue was included in Biden's reelection announcement video in April.