The Art of Ornamental Orange Peeling is a fabulous book of orange peel art from 1910

The Art of Ornamental Orange Peeling is an article from 1910 about the niche art of making sculptures from orange peels. The images in this book, all in the public domain, are works of art themselves.

Due to the aging of the paper and the low resolution and color, I wouldn't have immediately recognized the sculpting material as oranges if I'd have just seen these images on their own. There's a mysterious, ethereal look to all of them. The sculptures in the photos range from a playful little orange face to an intricate pyramid of fancy orange carvings all stacked on top of eachother. 

The article containing these wonderful images was written for American Homes and Gardens magazine. Next time I eat an orange, I'm going to try my hand at ornamental orange peeling (because why not)?