Huw Messie makes astonishing animations out of their embroidery

Huw Messie makes astonishing animations out of their embroidery. I'm in love with the way these embroidered animations flow.

The abstract movement in these videos is mesmerizing to watch. Here's a peek into the artist's process. As you may imagine, it takes a whole lot of work just to get a few seconds of animation.

This one, titled Centergate Junction, is one of my favorites. I love the combination of little humanoid figures walking around through the abstract background. Embroidery strings are so beautiful when animated by this artist!

Here's the video description for Centergate Junction:

"Centergate Junction ~ Enveloping wanderers deliver agents from beyond this centergate via semi-recursive cooperation of the temporal self. As these gateways serve as points of "absolute down", agents enter this plane understanding it to be flat and spatially repetitive. It is only the agent's ascent away from this gateway that omits this observation of infinite spatial repetition. "