Inspiring vintage book about DIY paper costumes

"Making Paper Costumes" by Janet Boyes is a vintage book that will surely bring inspiration to anyone interested in costume making. I love how paper is all you need to make the fabulous creations shown in this book. 

Some of the costumes pictured here remind me of those in Oskar Schelemmers Triadisches Ballett, a legendary avant garde dance show featuring surreal costumes. Schelemmer was a part of the Bauhaus school and the Triadisches ballett was heavily influenced by the spirit of the Bauhaus. 

My favorite costume pictured is the one on slide 3 with all the tiny paper ribbons. I hope at least someone with this book made and wore that one out of the house for Halloween (or just for the heck of it!).

From Instagram:

'"Making Paper Costumes" by Janet Boyes, 1974.'