Watch kids' toys go haywire when plugged into a high-voltage power supply

Watch these kids toys go haywire when plugged into high voltage. If I didn't know the situation here, I would have thought I was watching a video on fast forward. 

The utter chaos of the duck toy is my absolute favorite. The toy is already obnoxious on its normal level of voltage. When more voltage is added, the toy seems possessed. 

The "bee-stung dog" plush toy at 1:55 looks as if it's getting tortured when plugged into high voltage. I couldn't stop laughing while watching the "goal saving bank" at 3:31. I've never seen a toy figurine run in such a frantic manner before.

From youtube:

"I Applied HIGH VOLTAGE to Kids Toys!

In this video, I connected some interesting electric children's toys to the WANPTEK DC power supply using wires. I continuously applied increasing voltage to the toys, starting from 5V and going up to 30V. The resulting effects were both exaggerated and humorous.  (Easter Egg at the End)