Lauren Boebert makes unapologetic apology for tossing Uvalde memorial pin into the trash (video)

Lauren Boebert pretends to "apologize" in a new video (below) for behaving like, well, herself in public when she openly tossed a green Converse pin in memory of one of the students who lost her life in the Uvalde mass shooting. (The victim, 9-year-old Maite Rodriguez, could only be clearly identified by her Converse shoes after she was shot down on that tragic day.) But, being rootin' tootin' Rep. Bobo (Q–CO), the apology was unapologetic.

Boebert begins by blaming her abhorrent conduct last week on her AirPods and the "aggressive" man who calmly handed her the pin. "If anyone thinks I was disrespecting a child who tragically lost her life at the hands of an evil, evil person, I want to apologize for the appearance of that, but that's not at all what it was," she then says, as if what we clearly see — the gun-control advocate respectfully handing her the pin, explaining in just a couple of sentences that it's to honor the Uvalde victims, and Boebert marching it straight to a trash can — was just an illusion.

"I simply did not want to receive anything from this aggressive man who has been harassing me in my office," said the aggressive lawmaker who is known for harassing at least one of her colleagues in an elevator on Capitol Hill.

Although a PR mess for the indecent Congresswoman on a grand scale, this so-called apology will surely do the trick for most of her MAGA followers who will believe 2+2=5 if that's what they're told.

(See both her "apology" and the memorial pin debacle in the videos below, posted by PatriotTakes.)

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