British Airways flight serves KFC after trouble with the airline food

Apologizing for any "ruffled feathers" caused by the change in menu, a British Airways flight from Turks and Caicos to London fed passengers Kentucky Fried Chicken instead of the scheduled meals due to a problem with the service. The plane made a scheduled stop in the Bahamas on its way to Europe and attendants dashed out to get what they could from the terminal.

The airline did not respond to questions about what circumstances led to the lack of in-flight meal service. One social media post referenced an issue with refrigeration.

@aktivandrew, a user on Twitter that was recently rebranded to X, posted that "@British_Airways just landed @HeathrowAirport after a 12.5 hour flight BA252 from Turks and Caicos with no catering! BA had to serve @kfc at Nassau giving some lucky passengers 1 piece of chicken. The container with the plane catering wasn't chilled so all thrown away!!"

Another user, @Hanchell, posted a story about the incident from travel site One Mile At a Time, commenting, "It was the best KFC I've ever had."

It was a 12-hour flight, with about 8:30 of them after the Nassau stop. You bet it's an emergency!