I tested GeoSpy's photo location detection skills with my personal photos. Results: Wow!

If you upload a photo to GeoSpy, it will use AI and computer vision to try to determine the location where the photo was taken. I decided to test it out with a few photos from my personal library. Instead of using the original photos, I used screenshots to remove any geolocation metadata and to make the photos low-resolution, preventing the vision software from reading street signs or license plates.

First, I uploaded a photo of pieces from a giant tree that had been cut down and placed on the side of the street. In just a couple of seconds, GeoSpy returned its result:

Country: United States
State: California
City: Los Angeles

Explanation: The photo was taken on a street in Los Angeles. The street is lined with trees, and there are houses in the background. The houses are mostly made of wood, and they have a variety of architectural styles. The trees are mostly evergreen, and they are not very tall. The photo was taken in the early evening, and the sun is setting in the background


Next, I uploaded a photo of a vendor at a street market. GeoSpy said:

Country: Vietnam

Explanation: The photo was taken in a market in Vietnam. The architecture of the buildings in the background is Vietnamese. The vegetation is also consistent with Vietnam.


I next tested GeoSpy with this photo of a city street. Results:

Country: Aruba
City: Oranjestad

Explanation: The photo was taken in Oranjestad, Aruba. The photo shows a street with cars parked on the side. There are buildings on both sides of the street. The buildings are made of concrete and have a variety of colors. The street is paved and has a sidewalk on one side. The vegetation is limited to a few trees and shrubs. The climate is warm and sunny.



Determined to fool it, I gave it a photo of a nondescript meadow, with palm trees, the ocean, and an island in the background. Results:

Country: French Polynesia

Explanation: The photo was taken on a tropical island. The palm trees and blue water suggest that the photo was taken in a warm climate. The photo was taken in a rural area. There are no buildings or other signs of civilization in the photo. The photo was taken on a sunny day. The sun is shining brightly and there are no clouds in the sky.

CORRECT (This was taken on the island of Moorea)

GeoSpy has announced plans to release a pro version that can provide more accurate location details for photos.

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