Long thought dead, Cigarette Smoking Man turned up at today's UFO congressional hearing

Presumed dead for years, CGB Spender surprisingly appeared at today's historic congressional hearing on UFOs. Spender was seated behind whistleblower David Grusch, a former member of the US Defense Department's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force. Among other astonishing claims, Grusch testified that the US government has in its possession "non-human" remains of UFO pilots.

When asked for comment on Grusch's incredible testimony, Spender replied: "To doubt it is a failure of more than the imagination. It is a failure to recognize the limits of our own stupidity, the nascency of our science, the rudiment of our tools… We refuse to imagine our impending extinction, the acceleration of the cataclysms. We've thrown science out the window in favor of scandal and opinion and cant and all manner of ridiculous untruths."

image: Beschizza+Pescovitz