"Microwave" by Tan Pin Pin is a perfect mashup of Barbie and Oppenheimer

I love this short film called "Microwave," created in 2000 by filmmaker Tan Pin Pin, who recently shared it on her social media with the caption:

Can't decide between Barbie x Oppenheimer? Watch them both in this 2 min video, no, the hair didn't burn.

The video shows a Barbie doll spinning around in a microwave as it slowly melts. The film becomes increasingly creepy as Barbie maintains her huge grin even while her legs and torso start bubbling and oozing all over the bottom of the oven. And it's super weird how her long blonde hair never burns.

The film is available on Vimeo, with the description: 

Beta SP, 2000, silent, colour
Directed by Tan Pin Pin

Tan Pin Pin's website provides this bio:

Tan Pin Pin is an award-winning Singapore film director who has spent over two decades chronicling her country's history, memory and representation in thoughtful and self-reflexive works that have screened theatrically in Singapore and abroad. Her works have been invited to key film festivals: Berlinale, Busan, Hot Docs, SXSW, Visions du Reel and at the Flaherty Seminar. Nearer home, they have been presented at M+, Parasite, CUHK, Rumah Attap, Sa Sa Art Projects, on Singapore Airlines, Jakarta Biennale and on Netflix.