North Carolina cop fired after being accused of trying to kill girlfriend

Darryl Warren, an officer with Wilmington Police Department in North Carolina, was fired Tuesday after allegedly hitting his girlfriend with a car and being charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. The case is notable, as WECT reports, because of the presiding judge's ongoing reluctance to restrain him. R. Russel Davis had earlier denied a motion for a domestic violence protection order against Warren and even now has denied prosecutors' request for a substantial bond.

Port City Daily also reported that, back in 2002, he was charged in Durham for resisting a public officer and simple possession of schedule VI controlled substances which the district attorney "dismissed without leave." PCD says he was charged with felony breaking and entering later that year, a charge which he pleaded guilty to after it was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Per PCD, the DA also dismissed a charge of felony possession of a stolen firearm in 2005 and a charge of making a threatening phone call to a male in 2006.

PCD says he moved to Wilmington in 2014 and became a Wrightsville Beach Police Department officer in 2015. Then in 2020, he began working for the Wilmington Police Department.

Even with the thin blue line, qualified immunity, union contracts and the rest of it, there's a certain milieux within which bad cops can get away with it: an unfair but perceptible order of things. But this guy just seems to do whatever insane violent random shit he wants and the only thing so far done is a firing which achieves some bare functional minimum of limiting the prospect of catastrophic financial liability for the municipality.