Watch the first public reveal of the man who turned himself into a realistic flat-coated collie

A Japanese man known only by the name Toco has finally achieved his life-long dream of becoming a collie. Yes, like the dog. According to the New York Post, Toco spent $14,000 — about 2 million yen — to hire a company called Zeppet to create a custom hyper-realistic flat-coated collie costume. It reportedly took about 40 days to build. A spokesperson for the company told that the costume was, "Modelled after a collie dog, it reproduces the appearance of a real dog walking on four legs."

The video above shows Toco doing his first public reveal in his new dog costume. About a year ago, Toco had posted another video in which he answered questions from his 30,000 subscribers about why, exactly, he wants to become a dog.

I have had a vague dream of becoming an animal since I was a child.


[Why a Rough Collie?]

The reason for this is because it is my favourite breed and because of its size. The fact that the size gap with humans is not large was also a deciding factor.


Sometimes it is reported that I am tired of being human, but I have never said that.


In the first place, I only told people who are really close to me. For example, if I told the people I work with that I wanted to be an animal and I became a collie, they would look at me funny, wouldn't they?

Follow your dreams, kids. Even if it means becoming a collie, I guess.