I use tiny ice cream cones to hide pills from my dog

Both of my dogs are on twice-daily medications for different ailments. One will just take them, although I give him pill pockets anyway for being a very good boy. However, my girl is a little less cooperative or maybe just a better negotiator. After some trial and error with other things that were messy and/or gross, I found Medi-Crunch [Amazon]. They are adorable ice cream cones filled with peanut butter, and they are a hit with Her Royal Highness. 

Here's a good tip from the product page, which is not a thing I thought I would ever say:

Dogs easily detect the smell of medication and will avoid the treat if they sense it.

To mask its presence, use one hand to handle the pill & the other hand to hold the treat.

Despite following that advice, I am not convinced that she doesn't know there is a pill in there. I think we have just mutually agreed that tasty peanut butter ice cream cones are an appropriate bribe for taking a pill. 

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