Man holds bizarre world record for attaching drink cans to his head with suction

Shunichi Kanno, 31, broke the Guinness World Record for number of drink cans suctioned to his head. Kanno managed to attach 10 cans, beating out Jamie "Canhead" Keeton by one.

From Guinness World Records:

Kanno figured out how to place cans on his temples in order to "take revenge" and win back his record, which he previously held in 2019 with a total of nine cans.

"I also wanted to make my face more beautiful and attractive," he joked.

Want to try? Kanno shares his technique:

"You make a wrinkle [on your skin], then place a can there. Push the can firmly towards your head and ease your wrinkle. This reduces the air pressure between the can and the skin, and the can should stick like a suction cup."