Fifteen free issues of the comics magazine The Nib

The Nib, the comics website and print magazine founded by cartoonist Matt Bors, is shutting down and will stop publishing new material at the end of this month, after ten years of publication.

But as it winds down, Matt has decided to give one last gift to his readers. For the month of August, anyone can download the pdf for any or all of the 15 issues of The Nib's Eisner and Ignatz winning print magazine, for free. Link is here.

My comic strip "Tom the Dancing Bug" appeared weekly in The Nib for years (and semi-regularly for more years thereafter), and while Matt was kind enough to often ask me to contribute to the print magazine, I was only able to carve out time to contribute to two issues. But the issues are full of fascinating long and short pieces, full of satire, humor, and comics journalism from some of the best cartoonists around, and I recommend you check out this offer.

By the way, Matt is trying to keep The Nib's website online so that people can still access it after it stops publishing new material.

The Nib has published more than 6,000 comics over ten years. We are making plans for the longterm preservation of the website to ensure all the work we published remains accessible to the public. This involves ongoing web hosting and regular backend maintenance for years to come. Donations all go toward making sure The Nib and the work of our cartoonists can be read and enjoyed for many years to come.

You can donate to help preserve the archives here.