Google's major privacy update — now it's easier to hide your personal info from search results

Google has introduced new privacy tools and protections to help users control their personal information. This update to the "Results about you" feature now proactively monitors for and alerts users when their personal contact info appears in results.

Users can set up alerts for their email address, phone number, or home address. If any results containing this info are found, they will appear under "Results to review." Users can then easily request removal of those specific results. The mobile app can also send push notifications about new unwanted results.

Users can flag URLs on Google Search that reveal their personal email, phone number, or home address by logging in with their account, searching their name, and clicking on "Remove result" for the offending result. This reporting process is also available directly from any webpage through the Google app. An email confirmation of the request is sent within a couple of hours, and users can monitor the status of their requests via the "Results about you" page on the Google app or browser. Here are the instructions.

Note that if Google does remove your personal information, it will be removed only from its search results. Your personal information will still be available on the websites themselves.