Levitating extraterrestrials terrorizing villagers… weren't that.

Last month, the Ikitu indigenous residents of Alto Nanay District were terrorized by what they described as flying extraterrestrials.

"These gentlemen are aliens," one leader in the community reportedly said. "They seem armored like the Green Goblin from Spider-Man. I have shot him twice, and he does not fall, but rises and disappears. We are frightened by what is happening in the community."

But a police investigation has revealed that these flying creatures are actually illegal minors attempting to scare the locals into leaving them alone to continue their operation.

From La República (translated):

He also stated that there are foreign mafias that are dedicated to the illegal extraction of gold and that operate in different towns in the Loreto area.

In addition, he narrated that the alleged subjects responsible for the attacks use high-tech equipment, such as jetpacks that allow them to rise and descend in the air. This verifies the version of a teacher who witnessed an attempted kidnapping of a minor and described what was mentioned above.