Saucer News: archives of the historic UFO magazine now available online

In 1953, James W. Mosely (1931-2012), bitten by the flying saucer bug, traversed the USA by car to investigate UFO cases and meet researchers in preparation for a book he intended to write on the UFO phenomenon. The book was never finished (a story in itself) but Mosely went on to launch Saucer News (originally titled Nexus), a wild and pioneering UFO 'zine that operated from 1954 to 1972 (with the last four years under different ownership). Now, you can browse a large collection of the issues online in the archives of journalist Frank Scully, author of Behind the Flying Saucers, whose papers are now held at the University of Wyoming.

From Jerome Clark's The UFO Encyclopedia Vol II:

With August Roberts and Dominic Lucchesi, Moseley founded Saucer News in July 1954, at first calling the magazine Nexus but changing it to the more self-explanatory title the next year. Saucer News was noted for its freewheeling, iconoclastic, personal style. In its pages Moseley praised friends, lashed out at enemies, exposed frauds and hoaxes (even perpetrating one himself, the notorious "Straith letter" [sent to] contactee George Adamski) and reported gleefully on the doings of ufology's sane and not-so-sane. Saucer News was never less than entertaining, sometimes infuriating, but more often very funny.

From The Saucer That Time Forgot where you can find a nice listing of many of the articles/issues:

Besides the feature articles listed, each issue of Saucer News generally contained a summary of UFO sightings and related news, a gossip and rumor roundup, photos, cartoons, and listings of saucer clubs and conventions. Also, book reviews, as well as letters from readers, often prominent figures in the saucer community. The Saucer News Non-Scheduled Newsletter is included in the collections linked below but not (yet) listed. Moseley hyped the newsletter as often containing "material that we consider 'too hot to handle' in the regularly-scheduled issues of our magazine."

(via The Anomalist)

image: Saucer News