Michigan mom charged with buying guns for son who threatened Biden and Gov. Whitmer

A Michigan mom has been charged with lying when she illegally bought guns for her 30-year-old son, Randall Berka II, who threatened President Biden and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (the same Michigan governor who was the target of a kidnapping plot in 2020).

In March, the young gentleman was arrested for posting messages on social media such as "biden [sic] deserves to die" and that he was "more than willing tot kill whitmer [sic]," as well as making threats to the LGBTQ community. At the same time, 56-year-old Michelle Berka had told the FBI that her son "scared" her, that he should be in prison, and that she "does not think the mental health treatment is working,"according to AP News. But, for whatever reason, she allegedly bought five firearms in March, four of which her son — who has been barred from owning guns since 2012 — ended up with.

From AP News:

Authorities say Michelle Berka knowingly lied when she bought five guns that were eventually given to another person, according to an indictment unsealed in federal court Tuesday and first reported by The Detroit News. While the indictment dated Aug. 2 does not name who Berka gave the firearms to, her son was arrested with four of the same firearms in March. …

Randall Berka II was involuntarily committed for mental health care in 2012 and declared incapacitated, which bars him from possessing guns or ammunition, the FBI said. …

She faces up to 10 years in federal prison if she is convicted. Bryan Sherer, a federal public defender listed as representing Michelle Berka, could not be reached by phone for comment on Wednesday.