Bomb hoax disrupts Defcon

Hacker convention Defcon was evacuated Sunday after a bomb hoax.

Our apologies for tonight's interruption. We evacuated Caesars Forums in compliance with property safety teams. When we have more information, we'll post more.

Although we would have liked to return you to your regularly scheduled festivities, It looks like this is going to take a while to resolve. In an abundance of caution, we're closing the Con down for tonight. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Let's reconvene in the morning.

Iain Thomspon reports that the call ruined the main party night and forced police to sweep the entire building. The suspicion is that it was someone mad about the $440 entry fee for the event or this year's deficit of collectible badges, a Defcon tradition.

The badge situation at the conference's start did peeve quite a few people, and one of them may have been the wazzock behind the bomb hoax.

DEF CON badges are legendary. Usually consisting of a circuit board, a port or too, and an interesting puzzle to solve or challenge to complete – such as a scavenger hunt – they are highly collectable and can fetch high prices if resold. So it came as a shock to many when they were told that the badges weren't available in large numbers and were given paper badges.