Mount Etna erupts, causes Sicily's busiest airport to shut down — but it sure is pretty (video)

Italy's Mount Etna blew her lid Sunday night, spewing a magnificent "lava fountain" followed by a "fallout of ash" that forced Sicily's busiest airport, Catania–Fontanarossa Airport, to shut down on Monday. (See videos below, posted by BBC, Volcaholic and Stormzy.)

The closure disrupts flights for tens of thousands of travelers, according to the Independent.

"A cloud of volcanic ash spewing from Europe's most active volcano has prompted the closure of one of Sicily's largest airports, leading to flights being delayed, canceled and diverted," reports CNN. "The closure comes just days after the airport resumed operations, having been disrupted by a major fire in its terminal building in mid-July."

Mount Etna is almost always active and erupts a few times a year. The airport is expected to remain closed to all passengers until 8pm Monday night.

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