Driverless car in San Francisco almost runs over moms and kids (dashcam video)

A person with the Twitter username enelayy tweeted "@Cruise driverless vehicle in front of me yesterday illegally went through a Stop sign and nearly ran over two moms and their kids."

Enelay posted their dashcam video, which shows a Cruise driverless car failing to stop at a pedestrian crosswalk as two women and two children were crossing. Like a real-life trolley-car problem, the car swerved at the last second, narrowly avoiding a collision.

Cruise seems to be blaming a music festival for its car's potentially homicidal behavior. From The Guardian:

On Friday, amid increased traffic from the Outside Lands music festival, a number of self-driving cars seemed to glitch. One TikTok user recorded a Cruise vehicle causing "mayhem" outside of the festival where it was stuck at an angle in the middle of the street. "They're causing mad confusion over here," the user said. A Twitter user shared a video of a Cruise vehicle nearly running over a family on a crosswalk over the weekend. In San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, as many as 10 Cruise cars blocked a main thoroughfare, stoking anger from locals.

In a tweet, Cruise said that the music festival caused issues with the cellphone networks the vehicles rely on for connectivity, and that it is "actively investigating and working on solutions to prevent this from happening again". Critics pointed out that the 10-car traffic jam occurred several miles from the concert.