Weird facts about far-right Argentinian presidential candidate Javier Milei

Today, far-right populist Javier Milei won Argentina's presidential primary elections for the Liberty Party. His blend of right-wing libertarian and conservative strands, as well as right-wing populist and far-right politics, is resonating with some voters who see him as a solution to runaway inflation in the country.

Here are some facts about Milei, culled from the Wikipedia article about him,

  • Milei is an admirer of ex-Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro and Trump. He has close ties to the Spanish far-right party Vox and the former conservative Chilean presidential candidate José Antonio Kast.
  • He opposes abortion even in cases of rape, and would only support abortion when the mother's life is at risk.
  • Milei has expressed support for the sale of organs and children.
  • Milei denies the existence of global warming, claiming it is an invention of socialism.
  • He uses the far-right Cultural Marxism conspiracy theory to oppose feminism, the LGBT movement, minority rights, and sexual education in schools.
  • He supports the privatization of state-owned enterprises, the free ownership of guns, and proposes to abolish the Central Bank of Argentina.
  • He is a proponent of free love and has claimed to be a "neotantra instructor" and boasted of being "capable of remaining three months without ejaculating." He has also mentioned participating in several threesomes.
  • Milei identifies as a Catholic but also says he reads the Torah daily, and has considered converting to Judaism.
  • He owns five English Mastiffs, the progenitor being Conan, whom he regards as his son, and four of Conan's clones named Milton, Murray, Robert, and Lucas.