Breastfeeding mom was secretly filmed and shamed on Facebook. Here's the mom's epic response

In a TikTok video, Isabele Lomax shares a surprising discovery she made on Facebook. Lomax woke up to find a video of herself breastfeeding her baby at the beach, posted with a caption that attempted to shame her for not covering up. The anonymous poster expressed their discomfort, suggesting that the sight of breastfeeding in public was inappropriate and disrespectful.

The shamer said, "I'm not shaming woman who breast feed their babies. I'm shaming the woman who breast feed in public with no respect to cover themselves up and just let their boobs hangout (nipple included) for everyone to see! COVER TF UP !!!" the video's caption read. "I shouldn't have to cover my son's eyes and explain why your boobs are out, and quite frankly I don't want to see it either. Have some respect!"

Lomax's response is appropriately biting and funny:

Imagine waking up, getting on Facebook, and seeing this video of yourself yesterday at the beach. Not only did this woman walk past me multiple times with her son, you had every opportunity in the world to say something to me. Not that I would have cared or stopped what I was doing. But you instead choose to post a video of me and my child on Facebook publicly for the world to see. What if you were told that the only way that you could eat at the beach is if you were covered up by a towel? This post has since been deleted. But thank you to the people that came to my defense in the comments. My child was also hungry in multiple restaurants and while we were walking down the street and guess what he ate. Next time you see a mom breastfeeding her child in public, covered up or not, tell her how good of a job she's doing. Also, let it be known that her son is literally four years old. If you are sexualizing a breast to a four-year-old, you've got your own set of issues.

Even though the shamer was happy to violate Lomax's privacy, Lomax made sure to obscure the shamer's username when she made her TikTok video.